When Turkeys Fly!

It’s been a few years since we raised turkeys and I’ve missed having them around. They’re such funny creatures and have quite entertaining personalities. We often see wild turkeys around. A few years ago we spotted a mama and her seven babies strolling up the drive. Occasionally I’ll hear a gobble-gobble from the woods and the rustle of leaves.


So it’s been kind of fun watching this wild turkey wandering around the property the last week. It’s as if she’s adopted us. Usually there’s a flock, but this girl appears to be on her own. Every time I head out to take her picture, she scuttles off into the woods.


Yet today, when I stepped outside, she surprised me and took off in ungainly flight. Once in the air, she was curiously graceful, soaring high into the sky, clearing the tree tops and disappearing out of sight.


When turkeys fly, it’s a sight to see!

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3 Responses to When Turkeys Fly!

  1. Sara says:

    Well, I never! :O)

  2. Cintha says:

    Cool! Never ever see a turkey flying!

  3. George Castonguay says:

    We had several adults and a whole passel of young ones visit the yard quite a few times last summer, up to 45 birds at a time. One day they all launched into the air all of a sudden and there were flying juggernauts everywhere! Seems the poodle popped out of the door suddenly and made a run at them.

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