We once had as many as 18 egg layers at Downeast Thunder Farm. The numbers have dwindled over time and we now have just two girls in the hen house. It’s been a few years since we’ve had farm babies (other than Gidget!).

I heard the local feed store had some Buff Orpington chicks. Excited about the prospect of some new farm babies, I set up a brooder box and Paul grudgingly accompanied me to the store. When I discovered they were sold out of the Buffs, I contemplated picking up two of the Araucanas and return next week for a couple more when the next batch of chicks arrives.

Realizing he couldn’t stop this train, Paul talked me in to choosing four Araucanas and just be done with it. I think he was worried that if I went back next week, my plan for four chicks might turn into chicken math (you go for four and end up with eight). They’re so cute and little they’re hard to resist!