Eagles Among Us

I have to wonder if seeing five Bald Eagles in one day is a sign of some sort. I’m thrilled when I spy just one or maybe a pair soaring in the sky. Today they seemed to be everywhere – flying alongside the car as if we were soaring together, crossing my path so close that I could almost touch, or watching me from the trees.


This guy was surveying his world as I snapped a photo from inside the car. The tinted window of the car gives this picture a curious “evening” effect.

So, is it a sign? Or maybe it means nothing and I just got lucky. Regardless, Bald Eagles made my day special.

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One Response to Eagles Among Us

  1. Nancy says:

    I can only imagine how thrilling it was. For the very first time, we saw one about 6 weeks ago sitting high in a tree, surveying our residential area. We’ve seen them along the river, but we’re about 3 miles from there! Exciting for us for sure!
    I took a couple pictures too.

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