Jasper Beach at Howard's Cove

Jasper Beach, a half-mile of natural rock beach, is where we found ourselves on this mild, overcast February day. More like spring than winter, I felt the lure of the outdoors, but was thought most of the trails would be mucky as we’re having a sneak peek of mud season.

The Tide at Jasper Beach

The waves rumble like distant thunder as the exiting tide drags smooth-worn rocks against each other.

Hannah and Gidget at Howard's Cove

Gidget came along for the stroll, scrambling along the beach with new smells to explore.

rocky shore along Jasper Beach

The deep layers of rock leading up to the bluff are akin to quicksand, sucking you in as you walk. Our winter-soft bodies got quite a workout.

Gidget the Schnorkie at Jasper Beach

At just seven pounds, Gidget is light enough to maneuver the landscape much more easily than did we. From a distance, she barked and growled at strangers who dared to share the beach with us. Once she got close enough to be underfoot she turned on the “I’m a cute puppy, you must pet me” routine.

tidal stream at Jasper Beach

A tidal stream runs along a cliff at the far end of the beach.

view of the water tower from Jasper Beach

Paul traveled the top of the bluffs collecting driftwood along the way.

looking out from the bluffs at Jasper Beach

Winter weary grass clings to the bluff, flattened by snow and wind looking out over Howard’s Cove.

winter weary tree at Jasper Beach

The ocean delivers the rocks right to the edge of gnarled wind-swept trees.

Hannah and Susan at Jasper Beach

This outing has me longing for true Spring!