dog running off with paper towels

It’s safe to say, that dog will eat anything. And everything. This morning, as I was gearing up to clean, the roll of paper towels fell off the counter and off she went.


She had a grand old time trying to keep away from me. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time this week we’ve played this game.

Wednesday evening, I dropped an Advil on the kitchen floor. As I knelt to grab it, Gidget swooped in, plucked it up and swallowed it as I chased after her. At least I’m 99% certain she swallowed it. Paul and I scoured the kitchen, hoping she’d dropped it along the way. When it became it apparent that she didn’t, I called the vet only to be directed to the emergency vet clinic.

After failing to induce vomiting with hydrogen peroxide per the vet’s instructions, we called back and were told that we needed to take her in so they could purge her stomach. So at 6:30 pm we took off on the 65 mile drive to the emergency vet clinic. Half way there Gidget threw up in my lap. Of course. Once there, they purged her stomach and sent us home with medicine for her stomach and instructions to take her to our vet in the morning for blood work to ensure that her liver wasn’t compromised. Apparently Advil, for any dog, let alone a 6 1/2 pound squirt is a serious issue.

We arrived home after 11 pm. Still wired, I made the mistake of researching Advil poisoning and dogs on the Internet. I’m amazed I got any sleep after reading the horror stories there. First thing in the morning we saw our local vet. A total of $300 later for this escapade, we learned that she’s going to be just fine. I would have been devastated had the news been any different.

Poor Gidgee has been poked and prodded and force fed medicine to the point where she sees me coming and she’s off like a shot – like this morning with the paper towels.

That dog – she’s a whole lot of trouble for such a little package, but I can’t imagine life without her!