There’s something about this time of year that drives me into nesting mode. Maybe it’s the cold that has driven me indoors – or because it’s a season of new beginnings. Regardless the reason, I’ve spent the last few days cleaning, organizing, and rearranging furniture (this last one much to Paul’s dismay). There’s something about a clean, tidy house that soothes my soul.

Through out all of this nesting, I started taking a look at my home. I’m eyeing my vanilla colored walls and and envisioning them in cotton ball white – crisp and clean. I’m studying my library counter and imagining what color to paint it. I’m contemplating the vinyl flooring in the kitchen and seeing instead a tile or laminate – something that will fit with cotton ball white walls. And if we’re going to pull up the cabinets to lay a new floor, the cabinet layout might just need to be rearranged. (Paul’s really starting to get worried now.)

It’s the time of year where I spend a lot of time inside looking out. Hence the flurry of window cleaning that went on today. All the better to see that view out the kitchen window as I contemplate a winter’s worth of indoor projects.