“Owl” Wish You a Merry Christmas is the theme for this wreath I created for the WHRL’s Christmas Tree Festival and Auction. It started with a bare balsam wreath.

wreath closeup

I embellished the wreath with bundles of white pine and cedar harvested from the woods, artificial red and gold berries and a few glittery snow flakes.


I worked in some curly branches on the right to balance out the bow.


I tucked a family of Great Gray Owls in the enter and topped the whole thing off with a double bow in red plaid and burlap.

For the mama owl, I enlarged my Great Gray Owl to 6 inches tall. I chose this size based on the inner diameter of the wreath. I wanted her to fill the space with a little room to spare. Then I designed these simple baby gray owlets. I made them approximately 3.5 inches tall and tucked them in next to her.

The wreath goes up for auction on December 1st. The trouble is – I don’t want to give it up!