The mudroom makeover started in September with these feedbag recycle bags hanging in the mudroom. They replaced the overflowing plastic buckets that used to take up floor space.


The “honey-do” list continued with these wooden cube units that Hannah banished during her latest round of bedroom rearranging. They sat in the hall for the better part of two months before I came up with this use for them. Paul mounted one above the coat rack to hold hats, helmets, and light weight things. We pulled the floor trim off and mounted two sets of cubes right on the floor to hold boots, shoes, and whatnot. I kind of like the way it turned out.


On the other wall, new matching coat racks went up. This double row of hooks replaced the child-height coat hooks that Hannah has long since outgrown.

When I asked Paul to continue the double coat rack on this wall, in hindsight I realize that I should have been more specific. Chick Logic and Guy Logic are two entirely different things. Checking in on his progress, I was surprised to find that one of the new racks was still mounted at child-height (about 40″ off the floor). When I asked why he didn’t put the second rack at eye-level like was on the other wall, he explained that by putting it back in the same place as before, it hid the mismatched, peeled off paint from removing the old rack.

Huh. So despite the fact that we have no more little people in the house, his approach seemed logical because it avoided the need to touch up the paint.

Needless to say, the new coat rack was removed and remounted at eye level so it matches the rows of coat hooks on the other wall.

Thanks, Sweetie!