puppy on a hike

After this morning’s overcast and rainy weather cleared, we cruised over to Corea to hike the heath trails. I suspected that this would be a relatively easy walk for a puppy to manage – and for the somewhat out of shape me.

Yorkie on a hike

Gidget saw this as a wonderful adventure, scrambling over tree roots and navigating wood walkways over boggy areas.

Corea Heath Hike

There were so many good sights and smells to explore.

Yorkie being carried on a hike

And then she tuckered out about 1/3 of the way into the 1.5 mile hike, so Hannah carried her.

marshy area on the Corea Heath trail

Which was a good thing as the trail got very wet. So wet that there was no way to get through without getting soggy feet. Bridges over boggy areas were under water. My family was not amused by this turn of events.

beaver dam on the corea heath trail

And then it started to rain.

autum leaves

And then the rain turned to hail.

storm over the corea heath

Can you say unhappy family? We marched on with a shivering puppy, heads down no longer enjoying the sights.

autumn on the corea heath

And then the skies began to clear, the storm clouds rolling out to sea.

Corea Heath in the Fall

And the heath was beautiful.