We don’t have recycling pickup at the curb here. Well, we won’t have a curb, but that’s neither here nor there. We hang on to our recyclables until we have enough to justify a trip into to town, or we become totally overrun with recyclables and can’t move. Sadly, the latter is usually the case.

I’ve been using kitty litter buckets to sort recyclables in the mudroom. A good concept that works for all of two days before at least one of the buckets is overflowing. Paul helped me to implement a new method to collect recyclables.

If you have critters, you likely have tons of plastic woven feed bags stashed away. This weekend, we put some of these bags to use storing recyclables. Paul mounted two rows of boards in the corner of the mudroom that used to be filled with overflowing buckets of cans, bottles, and boxes.


From these boards, I hung feed bags for plastic, box board, tin cans, glass, and redeemables.


I removed the paper bottom sealing the bags and replaced it with a strip of plastic fabric cut from another feed bag. This will allow me to rinse the bags out if necessary without the bag falling apart.


I folded the top of the bag in and ran a zig-zag stitch around the edge before adding grommets to each bag for hanging.


Now the trick is to get folks to walk the fifteen feet to the mudroom to dispose of the recyclables rather than leaving them on the counter for the maid.