There’s something about old-fashioned tiger lilies that pulls at my heart strings.


My first memories of the flower are from about age 8 or so. Near my grandmother’s house, there was a wild unkempt border of them along a country road. Oddly, that vision has stayed with me all these years.


They are so bright and cheerful, creating beauty just about anywhere.


Even when the world around them is falling apart, they are resilient, flourishing without regard. I find them more charming in random, unexpected places than in carefully manicured gardens.


Orange tiger lilies. They always catch my eye and make me smile.

Note: I have had many people contact me to point out that what I think of as a tiger lily (because it’s orange?) is a day lily. Thank you for point out my error – although I’m not sure I’ll ever get the “tiger lily” phase out of my mind. Maybe if I had some true tiger lilies?