My memories of that little girl with blond curls and sky blue eyes who loved Blue’s Clues and Beauty and the Beast are so vivid in my mind that it’s hard to believe that she’s 16 today.

In honor of this momentous occasion, here are 16 adjectives that describe Hannah.

  1. She’s kind.
  2. She’s compassionate. She’s quick to offer a hug when one is in need.
  3. She’s smart. She gets better grades than either of her parents did.
  4. She’s stubborn. There’s no changing her mind once it’s made up.
  5. She’s easy-going. Unless she’s being stubborn.
  6. She’s self-assured and marches to her own tune.
  7. She’s messy. I think she believes we have a maid.
  8. She’s indecisive. Don’t put her on the spot and expect her to make a decision.
  9. She’s hard-working.
  10. She’s ambitious. College is just around the corner.
  11. She’s low-drama. Thank goodness!
  12. She impatient. With her parents.
  13. She’s hard-of-hearing. Or maybe it’s just selective hearing. Or maybe it’s the earbud stuck in her ear.
  14. She’s funny. At least she’s learning to loosen up around her parents.
  15. She’s imperfect.
  16. She’s perfect to me.

Happy Birthday, Hannah! I love you!


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3 Responses to Sixteen

  1. Kathy says:

    Love this post. Clearly, Hannah is a lovely young person with many strengths, a lot of character.

  2. Susan says:

    Oh! I should have added “clumsy” too the list seeing as she just got her stitches pulled from her latest injury!

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