Today is the beginning of an experiment in the new greenhouse. Inspired by a photo on Pinterest, I started cucumber seeds in hanging pots. These are suspended from a shower rod fastened over one of the beds.


In order to give the cucumber vines support, Paul fashioned a horizontal trellis with a length of fence and some J-screws.


I gently unwound the cucumber tendrils from the hanging basket and coaxed them around the hanging trellis.


Now I hope my cukes will continue to climb in the correct direction.


The tomatoes are getting large enough to need some support. I tied strings vertically from the cross wire running along the top of the greenhouse.


I used these little tomato trellis clips to attache the tomato to the twine.


I didn’t have a way to anchor the poly-twine, so I swiped some of Paul’s seriously heavy steel concrete stakes. One end of the poly-twine is tied to the top wire and the other end to the steel stake, holding the line taught.

Now to tackle the powdery mildew and cucumber beetles that are now threatening my plants. I’ve been spraying the powdery mildew with a mix of water/cider vinegar, but I don’t think that’s been very effective. Sulfur powder mixed with water and dish soap is next on my list. Any thoughts on this front would be most welcome!