Springtacular is an ever so brief period in Maine. It’s the blissful moments after the snow melt and mud season are over but before the arrival of the black flies. It’s short, and if you blink you might just miss it.

We’re in the middle of Springtacular.

greenhouse over hugelkultures

Paul is working on the greenhouse that will cover the two hugelkultures we started last fall.

clothes on the line

The first laundry load of the season is on the line.

rhode island red having a dust bath

The chickens are creating holes amongst my lilies with their dust baths.

buff orpington having a dust bath

While they enjoyed dust baths, I gave both chicken coops a spring cleaning and plotted some coop renovations for this summer. And a plan for keeping the chickens out of my garden.


The first flowers of the season have appeared. The chickens haven’t discovered the crocus yet. Maybe they are not as tasty as phlox soon to come.

ducks in the pond

Before the ducks reclaimed the pond after ice out, the water was clear. Now it’s a murky, muddy pool, but still brings the ducks lots of joy.

frog eggs in the pond

When I plucked up a branch from the pond, I discovered the ducks had been nibbling on frog eggs. At the rate they’re going, I’ll be amazed if any of these eggs make it to the tadpole stage.


The farm was alive with the song of busy birds, a woodpecker’s rat-tat-tat, quacking ducks, and incessantly clucking chickens as I lingered on the porch with my lunch.

It was a rare Springtacular day!