Arriving home from work this afternoon I marveled at what a week of warm weather has done. The pond is half melted, and the snow around one edge has disappeared. The ducks, however, had little interest in exploring the new found amusement.


So I plucked a protesting Dilly up and gently dumped her in the water. It took about 1.2 seconds before the joy set in. Her companions looked on, a bit baffled by the turn of events.


They lingered on the edge for quite a while before diving in as if they’d forgotten how.


Oscar here hid behind the tree until I chased her to the edge.


There’s nothing like a dip in the pond after a three-and-a-half month respite.


That is unless there’s a mud puddle, which is where I found the ducks after they left the pond. Go figure.

Curiously, last year, the pond opened on April 14th too.

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