It’s a wonderful thing to bid good-bye the most ferocious February in memory. February 2015 brought mayhem to my world.

giant icicles hanging off porch in maine

It was the coldest month on record. Ever. Seriously!

the house is buried in snow

Mother Nature delivered more than 8 feet of snow! This is the view out my kitchen windows after the last snowfall.

the maine house is buried

And the kitchen from outside. There is a house in there somewhere.

snow up to the roof in maine

The back of the house where Paul spied Ginger’s footprints on the roof. She likes to play king of the hill.

digging out the chicken coop after more snow

We’ve had an average of one snow day a week. Hannah has developed a love/hate relationship with the snow.


Although we open the coop door, the chickens have little interest in exploring this snow covered world.


We’re not the only ones longing for spring.

I wonder what March has in store for us?