I’m feeling a bit hemmed in by all of the snow. When I took a walk this morning at first light (in my jammies and Muck boots), there was still snow gently falling.


The trouble is; the snow is so deep that my “beginner” snowshoes are ineffectual.


So walks are limited to the drive and our road.


I long to wander through the woods, but the hip deep snow makes that exercise entirely too much work.


Another round of snow last evening, followed by 32-degree temps later in the day – a veritable heatwave – helped to clear 2+ feet of snow from the roof.


This is the yard in front of the porch. With the snow bank this high, it wouldn’t surprise me to see squirrels hopping right onto my squirrel proof feeder.


Hannah’s job has been to keep a path to the hen house cleared. She’s walking on 10 inches of show as she shovels. The Girls have no interest in venturing out. If you open the door, they peer out from their roost and say, “Nope, not going.”


The back of the house doesn’t leave much room to maneuver either.


Inside it feels a bit claustrophobic.


My view on the world from the sofa is eclipsed by snow.


I managed to knock off the top of the snow bank to open up the view.

Until the next snow storm, that is.