Downy Woodpecker Pair Visits


As I was lounging on the sofa working on my laptop when a flurry of activity on the porch distracted me. I looked up to see this misguided pair of downy woodpeckers checking out the porch post. I no sooner captured this one picture, and then they were gone – likely startled by my mad dash to the window.

Downy woodpeckers are periodic visitors to my feeders. Lately, I’ve heard them pecking away at the trees in the woods nearby. Getting pictures of the them has been a challenge because the snow is so deep, it’s all but impossible to move around outdoors.

I love bird watching from the comfort of my sofa!

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2 Responses to Downy Woodpecker Pair Visits

  1. Ruth Munro says:

    Beautiful picture!

  2. Debra Zasadzinski says:

    Oh! What a beautiful pair and a lucky visitation!

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