The other week I shared pictures of this guy attempting to raid my new bird feeder.


At first I thought the design baffled him.


Then, one morning I found him hanging by his toes, nibbling away at the buffet. I threw open the window and shooed him away.

That worked the first time, but the second, well he just looked at me and nibbled on.

Determined not to let a rodent get the best of me (cute as he may be), I pulled out the big guns. I raised the window sash, reached for my secret weapon and BLASTED the air horn. Caught by surprise, Paul’s coffee flew, and the cats and dog ran for cover. This poor little guy exploded off the feeder, dropped into the snow with a plop, scrambled for purchase and ran away.


Then, I find him sitting at the cafe table on the snow covered porch, staring longingly at the bird feeder. And, yes, I felt guilty.


This morning, at his “spot” he discovered a dish of goodies just for him. Yes, I’m a sucker. It’s very cold outside – and there is a lot of snow. He took the longest time before he check it out. I do believe he thought it was a trap.

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9 Responses to Confessions…

  1. Alisa Beatty says:

    This makes me like you even more. 😉

  2. That is so cute and I know the feeling. We have gray squirrels and two red ones and the red are so cute and funny. This weekend we had a ton of crows who stopped by for a few days and demolished the food as fast as we filled it.


  3. Ann Schmidt says:

    What a nice person you are!

  4. Diana says:

    Aw, he’s so cute … and good for you for leaving something out for him to nibble on. I wish the squirrels weren’t such PIGS at our feeders, otherwise I wouldn’t mind them so much. One day I found that one had squeezed his whole body into the tube of the feeder. It was like a squirrel sausage!

  5. Jasmine says:

    Merci pour cette confession !
    Cet écureuil m’a fait rire !
    Et j’aime la fin de l’histoire.
    Jasmine (Belgique)

  6. Helen Stephens says:

    Thank you for sharing this lovely post. Here in the Antipodes we don’t encourage feeding the wildlife but, like you in extreme conditions, I have to leave out something – usually water!!
    Stay safe.

  7. Dianne says:

    I know how you feel. Everything I yelled out the window I’m afraid the squirrels will break a leg then I’ve to take them to the vets. We put out extra seeds for them as well.

  8. Lisa Ludlow says:

    Oh MY GOODNESS. That is a great story and the pictures are wonderful.

  9. BRENDA says:

    your website is just lovely! as a bird lover I just adore your little felt birds, I am looking for patterns for the Northern Bluebird, Bluejay and Cardinals..but yours are just lovely and I so want to try to make them. I am humbled at your talents and that you are so willing to share your glorious patterns with us….Thank You so very much..bjgates

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