Busy Before the Storm

This morning dawned a brisk -22 degrees outside. Despite the frigid weather, it was a work day. It seems as if everyone is busy before the storm.


Paul and I have been taking turns raking snow off the roof.


My arms and shoulders are aching for a hot bath. I thought it would be easier to climb up and shovel, but Paul refused to let me get the ladder out. The voice of reason.


Turns out I’m better a taking pictures than roof raking.


There was a lot of activity at the feeders today, birds and squirrels bulking up before the storm. This guy nibbling on discarded seed is sitting on top of my lilac bushes.


There was a bit of jockeying for space at the feeder.


The chickadees were zipping in and out. They looked like they were expending more energy than they were taking in.


Love the little eyebrows on this guy!


Here’s what we’ve got to look forward to over the next 24 hours; 20-25+ inches of new snow coming down at 1-2 inches per hour with wind gusts of 6o+ miles here along the coast. It’s going to be a wild one. Stay safe everyone!

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