A Cabin Fever Felt Giveaway ~ Winner Announced

I’m happy to share that the winner of the random drawing is Carol Rice-Dempsey.

However, I was so pleased and touched by Ann Schmidt’s comment, that I’m sending her an order of felt as well. Ann shared, “…the Eagle will always be my favorite. I have made so many – I send them to soldiers serving overseas. It started with my son, and now it just keeps going! I send them with Stars from Stars for our Troops!” My husband, father, brother, and many friends have served in the Armed Forces, so this hits close to my heart. Thank you, Ann!

I’ve emailed you both. Thank you all so much for your comments!


Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit of cabin fever with all of this snow. I haven’t worked on any new patterns lately. Work has kept me hopping, but truth be told, the real thing holding me back is that my printer is out of toner and doesn’t like the expensive brand new cartridge I just put in. Give me a computer, and I can make all kinds of things happen. Give me a troublesome printer, and I want to cry.

A snowy long weekend seems like the perfect time to jump back in to designing a bit. So, as a cabin fever treat, I’m going giving away:

20 9×12″ Wool Blend Felt Sheets in Your Choice of Colors

To enter this drawing, comment below and tell me what is your favorite felt pattern that I’ve posted here at Downeast Thunder Farm. I will randomly draw a winner on Sunday evening. One entry per person, please!

My favorite pattern is this little great gray owl. What’s yours?

great gray owl felt pattern


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63 Responses to A Cabin Fever Felt Giveaway ~ Winner Announced

  1. Serafina says:

    Oh what a hard choice!! I like them all!! So, if I have to pick just one i pick the Scarlet Tanager. Red is my favorite color. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  2. Patricia Romig says:

    Ironically, because I live in Florida, my favorite is the penguin.

  3. Pat Britt says:

    This hard because I love them all! The pileated wood pecker is very cool and I’ll choose him! Good luck with that snow! We have oddly not had too much in Minnesota so far…

  4. Holly Bellerose says:

    i would love the felt! I want to make all of your lovely birds!

  5. Carol Williams says:

    Barred Owl is my favorite. Still wish you would make a pattern for Osprey.

  6. Angela says:

    My son and I love them all, but our favorite is the boreal chickadee. Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂

  7. Michaelanne Hathaway says:

    my favorite Downeast Thunder Farm felt pattern is the beautiful hummingbird. The colours remind me that summer will be here very soon. 🙂

  8. Beth B says:

    I love your cardinal pattern!

  9. Alisa Beatty says:

    All of them! Ha. My favorite animal pattern is the fawn, favorite bird is the Great Horned Owl.

  10. Alison uhrbach says:

    I made the little bunny rabbit as a Xmas decoration for my granddaughter ‘s first Xmas. So far it is my favorite, although I love them all!

  11. SuzyMcQ says:

    Difficult choice, but the Great Blue Heron is certainly one of my very favorites. Love the shore birds! Thank you for the special giveaway!

  12. Ruth Munro says:

    It’s hard to pick just one but I’ve been partial to Bluebirds lately. Thank you for sharing about your life & sharing your patterns.

  13. Ruth Munro says:

    Partial to bluebirds lately.

  14. Trish says:

    winter’s white-tailed fawn

  15. Terry Fout says:

    I love them all and have made a lot of them but the ones that I liked best were the Hens…my grandchildren have chickens and they each had a hen to name and so I made Christmas Ornaments for each trying to look like their hen…but otherwise it is a hard choice except to say the one I am making at the time! You do a wonderful job and please keep it up!

  16. Lisa Taylor says:

    How nice of you! I’m trying to decide which or your patterns is my favorite (based on the ones I’ve already made). It’s impossible! They’re all wonderful. At this moment, I’d say it’s a tie between the woodcock and the downy woodpecker. But really, they’re all great.

  17. Laura says:

    I love the little fawn! so cute!

  18. Chris Higgins says:

    My favorite is the black-capped chickadee pattern! The chickadees flock to our feeder on these wintery days. They are so congenial, and willing to share the space with all the bigger “bully birds”. Also, being here in PA, they remind me of all of our past rips to Maine. My husband grew up in Lubec, and we haven’t been back for years. I love your site, and check it everyday! It’s like a tiny vacation. I am a grandmom, quilter, hand sewer, and would Love to win the wool squares to add your beautiful birds to my happy memories.

  19. Susan Fitzgerald says:

    Oh I love the owl above, I love the cardinal, but my absolute favorite is the ruby throated hummingbird. I love in May when they come back to my feeder and my garden.

  20. Sue says:

    It’s hard to decide; I love them all. The fox or the deer or bear or the squirrel…
    I’ll say…

  21. Ruth Osborne says:

    I love all your patterns, but the turkey is my very favorite.

  22. Joanne Smith says:

    My favourite pattern is the Great Blue Heron! There is a webcam set up at Cornell University to watch the GBHs, and it’s a wonderful thing to watch.

  23. Charity O'Neill says:

    Humming bird

  24. Debra Zasadzinski says:

    Well, this is tough! I’ve made so many and appreciated your designs for each bird. However, the bird I fell in love with is the cedar waxwing. We don’t have them where I live, so I know about this elegant bird because of you, Susan!

  25. Sharlene Smith says:

    I am having a hard time commenting on a favorite pattern. They are all wonderful. I am very fond of the little fox .

  26. penelope Turner says:

    Either the recent hawk on your FB page or the red Cardinal we don’t have here in Oz.
    Thanks Susan, I’ve got onto your website on my phone:)

  27. Joyce Gill says:

    I love them all but my favourite is the Red-winged Blackbird.

  28. Carol Rice-Dempsey says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite bird pattern! For me, it’s a toss up between the Cardinal and Blue Jay – both are so colorful and two of my best-loved birds. OK – if pressed, I’ll go for Blue Jay – such a scold and feeder raider, you gotta love him.

  29. Anita K says:

    Well I have to say when I saw the Shy Snowshoe Hare I knew she would be my favorite, she has personality for sure.

  30. Debbie says:

    I think all of your patterns are sweet, but my favorite is the Tufted Titmouse! Thanks for a chance to win!

  31. Betsy Mosier says:

    That would have to be the howling coyote ~ since my 7 & 9 yr. old grandsons each made one ! But I am also a bit partial to the beautiful turkey as I wrote a story called ” Hank & Me ” about falling in love with a Bourbon Red turkey named Hank !

  32. Nancy Alexander says:

    My favorite is the Peacock !

  33. Katie says:

    The flicker! I was blessed to watch one at our suet feeder this morning. We have the yellow-shafted ones here. So beautiful! 🙂

  34. Brenda Athens says:

    My son was obsessed with puffins when he was young-so that pattern is my favorite.

  35. deborah says:

    The Calliope Hummingbird but i love the owls too I did the Downeast Thunder Farm Snowy Owl for my daughter at Christmas so i’ve decided I’m gonna do her a different one every Christmas for her Tree may have to start making them for my tree too lol

  36. Shannon Taradejna says:

    The crow it is our family “crest” and my husband and I have matching crow tattoos, I have made your pattern into Christmas ornaments also. Our hometown is also famous for its crows.

  37. Ann Schmidt says:

    They are all so fun to create and bring to life. But the Eagle will always be my favorite. I have made so many – I send them to soldiers serving overseas. It started with my son, and now it just keeps going! I send them with Stars from Stars for our Troops! Thank you!

  38. Joyce Moyer says:

    The moose is my favorite.

  39. Leigh says:

    i love them all! I had a lot of fun making the penguin for my boys.

  40. Nancy says:

    All your patterns are wonderful and we see many of the same birds at our feeders. Right now my favourite is the chickadee – always so cheerful!

  41. --anu says:

    I love the snowy owl. Another one of my favorites is the coyote, I changed it a bit and made it look like a wolf for my sister-in-law 🙂

  42. Audrey says:

    Hoot the Barred Owl! Because she lives in my woods.

  43. Laura Thompson says:

    i love all the birds, much too hard to choose! But, especially the owls

  44. Lisa Ludlow says:

    They are all wonderful. But the best part is the time spent making the patterns and knowing they are going to be wonderful. You have taken all the guess work out of them. The Cardinale is my favorite. Right now we have a flock that come and hang out in the back yard 20-25 birds. Ya it’s a mess…

  45. Dianne says:

    I found your blog by searching for owl patterns to make a gift for my granddaughter. The elf owl is my favourite on your blog. Thanks for hosting such a generous give away.

  46. Heather in Montreal says:

    Your patterns are so lovely and lifelike, but charming and even a little whimsical at the same time, how does one choose? But I love the bashful black bear, because he is so darn cute. Thanks for the chance to win. As an aside, I love your blog, because you live and talk about a part of the world we love. We used to spend three weeks each summer in Prospect Harbor and though we do not get there anymore, your posts bring back great memories of vacations and the Schoodic Arts Festival. Thanks

  47. Mimi says:

    It’s really hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the pileated woodpecker. I’ve made dozens of your birds and given them all away. Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns. I can’t imagine what all that snow is like. I’m down in SC.

  48. Cheryl says:

    I like all your patterns, but my favorite are the birds, especially cardinals ! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Diana Wilcox says:

    I love that owl, and the moose and the fawn, and…
    Thanks for all of them and all the others. And my total sympathy on your printer woes. Doesn’t it seem like somebody would have gotten printers straightened out in all this time? Yet everyone seems to have a printer story to share. I hope yours stops being a hassle. D.

  50. Lynn says:

    This is such a hard decision as all of your designs have something special! I really love the turkey as well as all the owls! And the critters have been a wonderful addition. Thanks again for sharing all these patterns with us! I am sure you enjoy designing them! How nice to have a giveaway! Just the BEST!!!

  51. Randelin says:

    My favorite is kestrel. All of them are amazing. Thank you.

  52. Michelle Barben says:

    This is really hard. Every time I make a new one it becomes my favorite. I will probably have to go with the deer because it reminds me of Bambi! Thank you for all of the wonderful patterns. I have truly been enjoying myself while creating all of these animals and birds.

  53. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness! What a choice!! I would have to say, the barn owl. Gorgeous!!

  54. Chrissie Stewart says:

    I know it’s a plain wee fellow, but I love the Sprightly Nuthatch. I’ve had one show up in the spring for a very short time and they’re so fun to watch.

  55. Erin Ellis says:

    Your turkey pattern was my favorite! Though there are so many that I love. You are so creative!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  56. marija says:

    love your magpie. am making a few to use as decoration round the house.
    would really love to see some british birds like bullfinch, chaffinch, greenfinch, blue tit etc

  57. Mar says:

    I think I would pick the BlueBird as my favorite….although I have enjoyed all of your patterns. Thank you!

  58. Sue says:

    I love your patterns. Very clear and manageable. I think my favorite bird is the indigo bunting. I don’t see them too often here, but their intense blue is just stunning.

  59. Terri Meyer says:

    I loved the squirrel. I made mine gray just like the one on your homepage of Facebook. Those little buggers steal the bird food so fast. I even had some hide acorns in my garage. They are fun to watch, so I made my dad plow a path so they can get the feeder easier and not fall in the deep snow.

  60. April Cummings says:

    My favorite pattern is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Thank you for all of the amazing patterns.

    • Hope Moore says:

      I love love love all of your patterns. As I was scanning through pinterest I came across your blog and I thought at first that they were photos of actual birds. But my favorite is the gray owl, I want to make one in the window of my inclosed back porch to scare way a crazy cardinal that keeps banging into the glass. Thanks for sharing your work is beautiful.

  61. Ann Schmidt says:

    Oh Thank you so much! More eagles to make and send! Send me your address so I can send you Stars to give, too!

  62. bjgates says:

    too late perhaps but I so adore the little owls!
    I am an avid owl lover as we have a little barn owl who has been in our barn for 3 years now.
    I would say your most adorable one is ..The Charming Burrowing Owl..
    so beautiful as are all of your birds.
    Thank you for this generous offer!!! how sweet you are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

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