Late this afternoon, I strapped on a pair of snowshoes and ventured outdoors, enjoying this brief respite before the next storm hits.


The snow is so deep that we have to clear space for the ducks with the tractor or they’d spend the entire day inside. The piles are getting high.


In front of the kitchen windows, the snow is creeping up.


There is a raised garden bed under there.


This is the 3′ fence surrounding my hugelkultures. I left it up to keep the chickens out of my garlic. Sort of a non-issue at the moment.


After a bit of romping around I determined that my snowshoes are not quite right for snow this deep – my walk took entirely too much effort.


Here’s what we have to look forward tomorrow. Given the forecast, I went out this week and bought taller Muck Boots.


I think what I should have purchase are hip waders! Let it snow!