It’s hard to say how much snow storm Juno dropped on us today. The wind has been so wild that the piles of snow that typically gather on the steel roof and then come crashing down are non-existent. The weather man says at least 18-inches so we’ll take his word for it.


Not everyone was excited by a snow day. There was a day Ginger Beast would have frolicked and played, but even she thought this was weather was crazy.


White-out conditions were the norm.


When it came time to water and feed the critters, we shoveled a few feet out from the door before abandoning that chore and donning snow shoes. Old glory waving in the wind aptly illustrates the force of the gusts.


A few lone birds braved the wild weather for a meal.


This little sparrow, feathers puffed up, lingered for hours. I’m glad I thought to top off the feeders yesterday!


This poor little starling was buffeted around from perch to perch. I hope he made it through the day!

All in all, it was just another snow storm – albeit a long one. We’re lucky it was “dry” snow – fine and light and that we had the luxury of hunkering down at home to ride it out.

I’m ready to get back to life’s normal routine. Hannah on the other hand is wishing and hoping for another day off from school!