On this first day of 2015, we recognized the holiday with an outing to Corea Heath.


In deference to Hannah, our walking wounded, we walked a short trail bordered by the National Wildlife Refuge and Grand Marsh.


Given the unpredictable weather we experienced this last month, I haven’t really embraced the season. Today’s walk across the open heath, wind biting at my ears, drove the point home that winter is here. Paul, who has been spending the days outdoors cutting wood, was better prepared.


I would have liked to linger, but my constitution was not strong enough.


A brief stop in Steuben along the drive home to snap a picture of the tide heading out.


I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions, but today’s outing made me appreciate how little time I’ve taken to be outdoors this last year. So, I choose to make being outdoors and exploring Maine a priority in 2015!