On New Year’s day, I discarded the Christmas tree on the front porch with plans to deal with it later.

discarded Christmas tree

During some bitter cold days, it became a wind-break for the chickens who were brave enough to venture outdoors.

chickens enjoying the Christmas tree

In the hopes of encouraging the chickens to remove themselves from my porch, I gave my homegrown Christmas tree another purpose.

recycling a Christmas tree

Tied to a fence post now, I decorated the tree with natural ornaments of apple and orange slices, stale bread dipped fat or peanut butter rolled in birdseed.

chickadee in the Christmas tree

For the longest time, it was only the chickens I spied enjoying the tree. Some of the ornaments disappeared altogether – likely the work of squirrels or raccoons.

chickadees in New Year's tree

On this snowy Friday morning, it has finally become a playground for the chickadees. An entertaining view from the sofa.