I have a good problem – I am completely overrun with ripe tomatoes. In November! At a loss for what to do with them, I’ve been pushing tomatoes. Just about every dinner I make lately has lots of fresh tomatoes in it.  Making and canning tomato sauce is a process for which I don’t have time, and frankly sounds like too much work.  Thinking about sun dried tomatoes, I did a little homework and realized that I could dry tomatoes in my dehydrator.


All of my ripe plum tomatoes went into the dehydrator, sliced in halves and quarters lined skin side down. I filled 9 trays like the one above with tomatoes. In hindsight, it was best to slice them into quarters – the halves took too long to dry.


The next day I had these lovely, flavor packed little bits. They are so sweet and tasty that I’ve been munching them like candy.


At this rate, these tomatoes won’t last until December.