Dad and Mom

I’ve just returned home from a week spent at my parent’s home in Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful trip with lots of time for visiting. And shopping.

Within a few minutes drive are shopping centers with every type of store imaginable. At home when we make a shopping trip, it’s a family affair. With a 90 minute drive to the mall and larger shopping centers, it’s always a full day event and you make the most of the trip.

More exciting than having all these stores just waiting for me in PA was that I got to go shopping all by my self. I could browse to my heart’s content without anyone hanging over my shoulder and asking, “are you done yet?” I tried on no fewer than 15 pairs of shoes without feeling an ounce of guilt or the need to hurry. It was wonderful. And, I had Starbucks. Every. Single. Day.

Yet, once the thrill of shopping passed, I began to long for space. Space to be able to open the door and have a view other than a neighbor’s house. Space to go for a walk and enjoy nature, not the neighbor’s landscaping. Space to sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet – not another neighbor’s barking dog taking exception with my presence.

It’s trips like this that make me appreciate how much of a country girl I am at heart. My well-being is so intrinsically tied to this patch of woods and the beauty of Maine.

It’s good to be home!


The difference a week makes – all the leaves are gone from my maples.