“Holy tomatoes!” exclaimed Hannah when she spied the result of my morning’s work.


With ground prep beginning today on the greenhouse, we needed to move the garden fence to give Paul space to run the tractor.


You can see the need for the fence. The moment the back side of the fence came down, the girls raced in to sample my tomatoes. Severely over-planted and under-tended, I’ve kept these tomatoes limping along through multiple frosts. It’s time to call it quits. It was amazing to see the number of tomatoes that were hiding in the depths of the overgrown foliage.


It took me all morning to harvest the hundreds of green cherry, plum and slicing tomatoes remaining on the vines of five plants. Now what? I don’t have an answer for that question yet, so I opened the French doors and wheeled the entire cart into the house. Now I need to keep the kitties out of them until I figure out how to coax the tomatoes ripe.


Lumber for the greenhouse was delivered on Friday and construction begins!