The new banty babies had an adventure today. Salty’s brood is almost three-weeks-old and she’s a bit bored hanging out in the coop and run. The run door is on the second story (so we can open the door when there’s loads of snow on the ground in the winter).

The past couple days Salty has been leaving her babies behind while she exits the run to stretch her legs. Frantic peeping ensues in her wake until she returns.


This is what I found today. Three babies outside the run and coop. They had climbed the ramp and followed their momma out – a three foot drop. Yet, one little guy couldn’t find his way out. Yup, frantic peeping ensued.


The chicks followed their momma round and round the coop until Hannah opened the downstairs door for them. That last little bugger high tailed it out to be reunited. We finally herded the lot of them back into the safety of the coop.

It’s a big bad world out there!