Klondike Mountain. The name leads you to think of something monumental and intimidating. We discovered that Maine’s Klondike Mountain is neither of those things.


Today, as part of my “homecation” getaway, the three of us visited this new hiking trail in Lubec. The trail began in this field dotted with apple trees.


The summit offered fabulous views of the bays, surrounding islands and communities.


We didn’t see another soul while on the Klondike today.


The entire hike lasted just under and hour – and that’s with me lollygagging along snapping pictures.


I realized how out of shape I am after a somewhat sedentary summer working. Hannah made it back to the car well before we did.


We stopped in Lubec to enjoy our picnic before an afternoon hike on the Coast Guard Trail at West Quoddy Head Light.


This was the view from the car as we munched and people watched. I think ours was the only car in the marina parking lot that had a Maine license plate!


I love playing tourist in my own backyard.