Dilly, One Annoyed Duck

Did you know that ducks are great complainers? Dilly is broody and unfortunately she’s made her nest by the pond and not in the duck house. She religiously sits on her eggs during the day. Come evening she’s not happy about being coaxed indoors. We were hesitant to take her eggs away. We knew nothing would come of her efforts, but she’d decide when it was time to give it up. This morning when Dilly returned to her nest, every egg was gone. Poor Dilly. She just wants to be a momma.

This short video clip shows just how annoyed Dilly has been with Paul. You can just imagine what she might be saying to him!

14 July 2014: An Uncooperative Broody Duck

8 August 2011: Dilly Our Physically Challenged Duck

23 March 2010: Dilly the Broody Duck

6 April 2012: Silly Dilly The Movie

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4 Responses to Dilly, One Annoyed Duck

  1. Lisa Taylor says:

    I am smiling so! We’ve been having the same experience with our female runner ducks. First one got broody, then the other. We decided to leave them loose in their fenced end of the garden over night and all went well for a few months. Unfortunately, one was killed last, probably by a mink. So now, the remaining ducks are being “herded” into their duck house at night. I especially liked seeing Paul use the pole, I do the same with a broom, or a pitchfork or whatever is handy.

    • sjbennett says:

      I am sorry you lost a duck. How sad. We too suffered the wrath of a mink last month. I call Paul our “duck herder” because it’s certainly a chore getting them to do what you need them to!

  2. Kelly says:

    Not being a ‘farm girl’ I’m wondering why the nest & eggs can’t be moved to the duck house?

    • sjbennett says:

      Good question. I’ve actually tried this before and the hen in question was quite peeved with me then, too. She refused to move with the nest and started an entire new nest in the same “bad” spot. Short of locking her in, I didn’t have any control where she built her nest!

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