Our Evening Entertainment

There’s a new show on kitty t.v. at our house.


This little bunny has been visiting after dinner. We first noticed him one evening as he hopped across the porch providing great entertainment for the kitties, Cinder and Snape. And us.


Tonight I finally got a few good pictures as he wandered leisurely around the yard and pond, pausing to nibble on the grass along the way. Hannah and I debated – rabbit or hare?


I think this guy is a New England cottontail.


Compare him to the snowshoe hare from the other year and you’ll see the difference.

It doesn’t take much to entertain us at Downeast Thunder Farm!

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One Response to Our Evening Entertainment

  1. Anita Smith says:

    We have lots of brown rabbits here, and I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing your shots. He’s a cutie. The ones in our yard love to nibble dandelion stalks, and I enjoy watching them slowly munching the treats.

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