Hannah is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Last year, she was building Lego castles and robots. This year she’s trading in the Legos for iTunes cards.

She spent an entire weekend rounding up years worth of Lego sets sorting and organizing. Desperate for money to buy music, she asked if I would sell the Legos on eBay for her. The going of the Legos symbolized the end of an era for me. It was a more significant sign of the passing of childhood than was the introduction of her first boyfriend. It’s crazy how sad I was to see those Legos go.

On the flip-side, do you know how much used Legos go for? A lot. When Hannah realized how many iTunes cards I could purchase for her with the proceeds she asked, “Can I spend some of the money on tickets to the Hunter Hayes concert?”

I’d hedged and hawed about this concert. Teeny-bopper country music isn’t on my music radar. Yet, this was her money, so I purchased three tickets for last night’s Hunter Hayes concert (with Danielle Bradbery and Dan+Shay) in Bangor. It was a treat to see Hannah enjoy her first concert. Watching Paul suffer through the noise of thousands of screaming girls was a treat of its own kind.