Yesterday, the pond all but melted, found the ducks hanging out on the bank. They’d yet to dip a foot into the pond, still splashing in their mortar box. All that water just waiting for them and they wouldn’t go near it.


I talked Paul into helping me “coax” the duckies back into the pond after a long winter. Picture the two of us trying to herd six uncooperative ducks who, in turn, are freaking out and running/flying every which way. I finally caught Dilly (our physically challenged duck) and dropped her into the water. She immediately began dunking and wiggling and having a grand old time – by herself.

A little more herding and we coerced two more into the water. The remaining three hauled their little ducky tails around the edge of the pond to get away from the crazy humans.


They paced back and forth as if they were afraid to jump in the deep end.


At last, one-by-one, they hopped into the water. And then, an abundance of happiness. This morning, they made a beeline for the pond as if winter never happened. Life is good on the water again.