Hannah and I have spent the rare week away from Downeast Maine visiting my folks in Pennsylvania. I’ve tried to add a few “educational” excursions to our trip that wouldn’t totally bore a 14-year-old. Today’s outing was to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. I seem to recall I was about her age when I first toured these landmarks. There’s no question that I was more deeply affected by the experience today than I was as a teen. Life experience gives a profound understanding of and appreciation for the concepts of liberty and independence!

liberty bell center

Independence Hall from inside the Liberty Bell Center.


Hannah pictured with the Liberty Bell.


Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


The tower and steeple were not original to the hall, but are iconic today.


Dad at the camera on this beautiful April day.


Hannah and Dad in the Independence Hall courtyard.


I love the reflection of the American Flat in this round window on the side of Independence Hall.


A mother/daughter selfie in front of Independence Hall – my big hair is obscuring it!