This has become a common sight at one of my feeders. I haven’t been too bothered by the squirrel snacking. In fact, they’ve been quite entertaining at times.


However, the past day or two, the little red squirrels have started eating me out of house and home. So, this morning, I tried chasing them off. Every time he hopped up on the feeder, I opened the window and told him the skedaddle. Clearly, he’s not afraid of me.


A woman with a plan, this squirrel watched me from a few short feet away as I sprinkled a little cayenne pepper into the feed. He’s patiently waiting for me to skedaddle so he can return to his meal.


A few nibbles and this little guy began rubbing at his mouth.


Oh, he can’t stand it!


He dropped down and started running his face over the feeder roof as if to rub the cayenne off.


Then, he was gone!

Susan: 1
Squirrel: 0

Until next time.