Embroidery Stitch Cheat Sheet

Despite all the birds I’ve created, I often find myself going back to a tutorial to remember how to make a laisy daisy stitch. I am geometrically challenged, so that might explain it. For those who also have trouble remembering, or are new to the embroidery stitch terminology, here’s a cheat sheet of the stitches I tend to use on my felt birds.


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5 Responses to Embroidery Stitch Cheat Sheet

  1. martha says:

    Thank you Susan for the bird patterns. I have found that gluing them onto the back of a sheet of sandpaper before cutting them out makes them very easy to trace on felt because they stay in place. Your work has inspired me to study wild birds more closely, and now I’m concentrating on making both male and female versions of each while paying close attention to the color variations between the genders. You have been kind and generous to share your patterns and ideas. Sincerely, Martha Doerfel–making 2014 Christmas Ornaments with your bird patterns.

  2. Elaine says:

    Thank you for the patterns and now I see the stitch instructions. Thank you for that too. I made many birds for this last Christmas season for my grandchildren’s Christmas tree and as a small gift to many friends for either their trees or their windows. In my own windows, I have many hanging as well. Thank you so much.

  3. babs says:

    Thank you for sharing your patterns, also the fall colors of the trees up north (sure do miss that). I cant wait to get started making these beautiful birds.

  4. Zanna says:

    Thank you SO much for ALL these patterns! You are awesome! My mom’s favorite animals are birds and she used to be an avid bird watcher. I plan on making many of these to give as random gifts to her..to show my love through long distance…these will be great to mail and sure to put a smile on her face. thanks again for sharing these at no cost. I am truly grateful. So glad I found this. This is just awesome.

  5. Marisa says:

    gracias por su generosidad 🙂

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