tracks-026The past few mornings there have been fox tracks everywhere. This stealthy nighttime visitor has been routinely inspecting the chicken coups and duck houses, a fresh set of track appearing each morning.

Today, as the afternoon skies turned gray with the promise of snow (12 to 18 inches predicted), I spied a set of tracks and decided to follow them. They led me through the woods behind the house and up the trails to the highest point on the back 40.

For the most part, this critter chose the path of least resistance, sticking to open areas. Mom asked me what I would do if I found him? Take his picture, of course!



Another foot of snow and the only way I’ll make it up here is by snowshoe. Maybe the snow will slow the fox down a bit!


There are a lot of other tracks to be found on the farm. Here are some recent sightings.