The weather has been a challenging lately – even for Maine. Snow, rain, ice, and more of the same. Forget the pond – we could ice skate on the driveway. We’ve got ice grips that go on our shoes, but they never stay put – no matter the brand. And we’ve tried them all.

So after one particularly slippery trip outside, I joking said to Paul, “We need studded Muck boots!” They stud tires, right?


Apparently, he thought the idea had merit. Santa brought him a new pair of Muck Boots for Christmas, so he took the old pair and added hexagon head sheet metal screws (#6 by 1/2″) added a few washers, and screwed them into the lugs of the boot bottoms.


What he’s got are studded Muck Boots that have proved to be as effective as ice grips, but don’t fall off. He’s quite proud of himself.

I just better not catch him wearing those inside!