It’s been a few years now that we’ve been a one car family. Our 8-year-old Prius has been a workhorse, but is becoming less reliable. Only recently have we felt we could swing adding a second car. After two months of research and test driving we brought home our new Kia Soul last week.


Hannah’s friends think “the toaster” as they call it, is very cool.


Ginger, aka the Beast, on the other hand, is not quite so enamored. She has spent the entire last week barking and growling at the car. It’s been so bad that I’ve taken to hiding the car behind the Prius and the plow truck in the drive in order to achieve a little peace and quiet.

Each day I take Ginger outside and let her check out the car. We walk around it. I open the doors to let her take a peek inside. Still, she acts as if it’s going to do her bodily harm. We’re just about at our wits end. The only peaceful time of the day is when the sun goes down and she can’t see it in the drive.

She is one ornery beast!