The bad news? We had another storm last night with bitter temps and high winds.
The good news? We didn’t lose power!

The bad news? When I sipped my first cup of coffee this morning the temp was -11 degrees.
The good news? Despite some issues with the wood boiler, we were toasty warm.

The bad news? The roads are terribly icy – last night’s drive home was a treacherous.
The good news? School was canceled – along with tonight’s basketball game (Sorry Roo!).

The bad news? The plow truck refused to start this afternoon – gelled up diesel from the cold weather Paul says.
The good news? We have a tractor!

The bad news? The tractor refused to start this afternoon – gelled up diesel from the cold. The good news? We only had six inches of snow when as much as 10 was predicted.

The bad news? We have a 400′ driveway that needed snow removed.
The good news? We have snow shovels and we knew where to find them.

The bad news? We had to shovel the driveway by hand. All hands on deck!
The good news? It only took us an hour with the three of us working – it was so cold the snow was fairly light.

The bad news? The high for the day was 0 degrees when were shoveling.
The good news? Granny Gadget had the foresight to send us a giant bag of hand warmers!

long driveway to shovel

The view of the drive from the front stoop to the bend.


The view of the rest of the drive down to the road from the bend.


The rest of my team trudging home, shovels in hand.

The good news? The job is finished and I’m snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa, my family safe and sound.