Christmas morning 2014 dawned bright and COLD. We are blessed to have this day together, cozy and warm in the comfort of our home. Many of our friends in the community are still without power following three crazy storms – the latest dropping freezing rain on us for two days. The hum of generators permeates the air reminding us how very fortunate we are.


The scene before we gathered to explore our gifts. This is the first Christmas Hannah didn’t have us up a o’dark-thirty to open presents. Nor did she even attempt to negotiate the time at which she could wake us.


Paul’s gift to Hannah was a new grown-up bike – and she was ecstatic. Notice – she is showered and dressed for Christmas morning while Paul and I are still in our jammies. Yup, shes definitely a teen.


Hannah in the Carhartt jacket and hat that I forgot to put under the tree and only remembered to hunt down mid-afternoon! That smile says, “Mom, really! Who does that?”

Does anyone else do that? Forget about a gift purchased early and tucked away?

The big thrill for Hannah was her new iPhone. She and I have both moved into the smart phone world this Christmas. (A personal Yay! here.) At age 14, it’s Hannah’s first opportunity to have a phone with texting. As you can imagine, she’s beyond excited that she is no longer the ONLY kid in HIGH SCHOOL that doesn’t TEXT. So she says.


Even the kitties got in on the Christmas spirit with the little catnip toys I made for them.


So, the gifts have been opened. Our holiday breakfast and dinner cooked and devoured. The Christmas cookies are but a memory and I am exhausted!

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