Suspended Animation


This visitor had me keep Paul and Hannah waiting as we were trying to get out the door today to go shopping. It’s that addiction thing. I followed the woodpecker (Downy? Hairy?) from the kitchen to the living room scrambling to get the camera focused correctly.


When I took time to look at the pictures this evening, I found this house sparrow cruising in for a landing. It’s suspended animation – as if he’s having second thoughts about sharing the feeder!

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2 Responses to Suspended Animation

  1. George Castonguay says:

    He looks like a downy, the hairy’s beaks are really big. I’ve been getting red bellied woodpeckers around the last few years and will stand and watch them for extended periods.

  2. Appleshoe says:

    I can’t see the tail quite clearly, but the hairy wood pecker has all white tail feathers and the downy has black spots on the side. Keep an eye out for that. Be well and happy new year!

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