We woke this morning to no power. No happy smell of coffee. No happy smoke coming from the wood boiler out the window. Our entire world was covered in a layer of ice.

Curiously, exactly one year ago we also woke to no power – the result of a windstorm that time.

This morning, Paul braved the elements to hook up the generator that powers a few basic circuits – including one outlet in the kitchen. We made coffee happen and just when I was trying to figure out how to make our Sunday morning muffins happen without the oven, the power came back on. Woohoo! Only to go out and come back on a couple of times throughout the day.

A walk in this winter wonderland convinced me that we need studded muck boots. I wonder if they make those? Ice grips helped as I explored. My birch trees that have just recovered from a rough winter a few years ago are once again reaching for the ground under the weight of the ice. When the breeze kicks up, it seems as if the whole world groans and creaks as trees sway and the ice cracks.

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