For the second time in four days we had to dig out. This second doozy of a storm dropped another 12 inches. The white stuff is beginning to pile up – and it’s not officially winter.


This is the view out the French doors. Somewhere out there are my raised beds and a frozen pond.


The tracks of a snowshoe hare who meandered across the porch.


This little dark-eyed junco braved the driving snow for a visit to the feeder. With a morning temp of -11 yesterday morning, the birds need the sustenance.


The mourning doves were all puffed up, doing their best to stay warm.


This sparrow is a new comer to the feeder. Does anyone know what type of sparrow he is?


Even our resident squirrel stopped by for a meal.


Then came the digging out. I think Hannah’s ear buds froze into her ears.


Paul’s new-fangled mailbox setup has now survived two storms stood worth of the town snow plow.

Let it snow!