The turkey is roasting and the pie has been baked. I sit here at my spot on the sofa, reflecting on this Thanksgiving afternoon, my family enjoying a quiet day beside me. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m liking this sojourn together.

I appreciate how much I have to be thankful for as I enjoy the view out my “sofa window”. This wonderful place to call home. Work I enjoy. A family to call my own. A full rack of wood out back. A toasty warm house. Food on the table. Unconditional love. A daughter who thinks I’m nuts. A husband who fixes things and makes me laugh. Cats to warm my lap and toes. An ornery dog to stand guard.

Oh, it would be nice not to have to budget so tightly, or worry over an aging car that needs constant TLC. Still, I don’t imagine that it gets much better than this.


The view from the sofa out the living room window.


My resident squirrel having a Thanksgiving snack.


A bold bluejay stopping by for a visit.


A goldfinch welcoming the sun.

May you take a moment to treasure your blessings this Day of Thanks.