This Thanksgiving I decided not to make a pie for dessert. Paul is working hard to lose weight and Hannah doesn’t like pumpkin pie. So why bother?

Yesterday morning, as things in the kitchen were gearing up, Hannah asked, “Aren’t we making a pie?” I explained that I was forgoing that tradition. Hannah and Paul were horrified. “But I like pumpkin pie!” exclaimed Hannah. Since when? Paul joined in, “I’d only have a taste!”

Huh. I had used half the can of pumpkin for muffins earlier in the day. So, I decided to use the rest and make an upside down pumpkin pie. I mixed up half batch of pie filling and baked it without a crust in a small casserole. Then, I made a little pie crust and cut cute little autumn acorns and leaves from it.


For dessert I spooned out the pumpkin custard, add whipped cream, and topped it with the little crust decorations.


It appeased the natives.

Until we took the first bite. I forgot to add the sugar!