Today was an Ellsworth run day – a town with stoplights 40 minutes away. The errand list included L.L. Bean, Reny’s, Tractor Supply, WalMart, two shoe stores, etc. – to shop for shoes, jeans, special chicken feed, and all types of other things we don’t find locally. Since the day was sunny with iffy weather for tomorrow, I suggested a short hike at Indian Point Preserve.

Located right in Ellsworth, this is the first time we walked this one-mile loop trail.


It meanders through the woods along the Union River.


It’s an easy trail to navigate – little of the rock climbing we encountered last weekend at Schoodic Head.


The trail has identification markers pointing out the flora along the way. Other markers teach some of the lore of the Abenake Indians


The end of the Indian Point provides a view of downtown Ellsworth across the river.


An exciting moment was spotting this female Bald Eagle in the tree above me. As I was fiddling with my camera to get a better shot, another eagle swooped down and all but pushed her off the branch.


It was her partner, a beautiful male Bald Eagle. ?The pair soared along the river, eventually landing in the trees on the other bank.

The Indian Point experience was more than I expected from this little trail!