I have only been seriously gardening for the last few years. I work painstakingly to create the perfect garden environment for growing my vegetables. I read up on growing veggies. I test pH levels. I work in peat and compost and diligently weed the garden beds. I fertilize as recommended.

That said, I planted pumpkins in beautifully tended mounds in the spring. I’ve since ripped them out entirely due to failure to thrive. They were plain wimpy.

Paul, who has never grown anything of any consequence, tossed a bunch of chicken compost on top of a pile of old stumps and planted pumpkins. This is what his pumpkin plants look like.


Where’s the justice?


They’re doing so well that they caught the attention of critters who nibbled the better part of this plant. I’ve since moved the flag and am tending Paul’s garden a bit. Yanking weeds, implementing critter repelling tactics, etc.

I hope I don’t kill them.