Why does fourteen seem so much older than thirteen?

Today we celebrated Hannah’s fourteenth birthday. I’m troubled by the passing of this day – more so than any birthday before.

Maybe it’s because she’s entering high school next month, no longer a little girl in elementary school. Maybe it’s because she only has 3/4 of an inch before she’s as tall as I am. Maybe it’s because she seems so grown up. Maybe it’s because I can count the years before she leaves me on one hand. Sigh.


This is a normal pose for Hannah these days – engrossed in her iPod downloading more music. Her allowance these days comes in the form of iTunes cards.


This is Hannah when she realizes I am paying undue attention to her with the camera.


Fourteen candles. Fourteen things I love about Hannah.

  1. I love her compassion for others.
  2. I love her willingness to help with chores without complaining. Much.
  3. I love her kooky sense of humor.
  4. I love that we like the same kind of music. (It makes her new iPod speaker that much more bearable.)
  5. I love her wonderful spirit of adventure she’s up for anything I can dream up.
  6. I love her self-confidence – she doesn’t need a crowd around her to do something.
  7. I love that she’s a voracious reader – I so enjoy seeing her engrossed in a book.
  8. I love that she likes hanging out with her parents now and again.
  9. I love that she’s self-motivated.
  10. I love that she does her own laundry. Seriously – it’s a wonderful thing.
  11. I love the way she cares for all the critters – dog, cats, chickens, and ducks.
  12. I love that she enjoys cooking. Really – she’s a great cook. I love that she enjoys cooking.
  13. I love her wild, beautiful, curly hair.
  14. I love that she’s mine!